Accessing USTRUCT by reference?


I have a USTRUCT in my GameState class that is updated every tick in C++ code.

I can access this USTRUCT in my blueprint every tick and get realtime values from it no problem.

If I store this USTRUCT member in a blueprint variable in the blueprint constuction script, it does not reflect the realtime changes, or show any of the initialized values either.

Is there any way to obtain a reference to a USTRUCT and keep it as a variable in the blueprint so I dont have to GetGameState, CastGameStateAs, GetStruct, BreakStruct everytime I want to access one of its properties in an event graph?

Thanks in advance

Thanks that works

Then create function which will cast and get struct inside single node, that what functions been made for, to avoid code duptication.

As i know unrealscript bytecode which blueprint inhirits on does not support pointers other, only in function arguments, so getting varable direcly is only way