Accessing Nav Mesh in shaders

I’m working on an RTS style game and I’m using the nav mesh for AI and player controlled units and I also want to restrict the player to only be able to build on the navmesh. Therefore I would make sense to implement a post processing shader that comes up when the player is in build mode or has a unit selected which shows to area outside the navmesh as restricted.

Since there already is a way to preview the navmesh I thought getting some sort or black and white mask based on that would be simple but there seems to be no node implemented and I couldn’t find anything about that so far. Is this even possible?

Is there any way to visualize the nav mesh like that outside the build in preview mode or do I have to write a shader that tries to follow the same rules as the navmesh to create this visualization (I don’t believe it’s even possible to get that to 100% accuracy ?