Accessing animation import data

I’m trying to modify a component using the data from an animation sequence, which is selected as a property on the component (I’m using PostEditChangeProperty). Specifically, I’d like to set the component’s transform to the initial transform of the root bone in the animation. However, the animation was rotated when it was imported, so just grabbing the root transform isn’t enough.

If I could access both the root transform and the import rotation, I could find the right transform, but all the members of UFbxAssetImportData are private.

Is it possible to access this data in some way? Is there a better way to do this?

(The alternative is manually reading copying these values from Maya, which I’d like to avoid)

Ok, problem solved.

I was wrong about UFbxAssetImportData’s members being private. They’re all public thanks to GENERATED_UCLASS_BODY().