Accessing an integer within a material function


I’ve made a blueprint to change a materials color four times, according to the season of a level.
This works, but I need to do it for a number of objects/blueprints. So I wanted to do it in an material

So I basically did the same thing that was working, only now I want to use the integer that defines
which season it is from another blueprint that I have. The problem is that when I get the reference
to the season control blueprint and plug it into my dynamic material function, it says it is
accessing none.

I feel like I’m overlooking something obvious. Any help is appreciated. Also if there are easier ways
to do some of the things I’m doing please let me know.

This is the system I’m using currently, which is working:

This is the material function that I made, that hopefully does the same thing:

This is the way I’m controlling the seasons:

And this is the way I would like to call the material function within a random blueprint:

But as I said, getting the integer from the other blueprint seams to be a problem.

Thanks in advance!