Accessed None when using RepNotify in blueprint

When creating a RepNotify variable I get Accessed None errors on the OnRep function which is void of logic.

The variable is defined as so:

The message log appears as so while running:

Owning Character is a replicated variable inherited from a super class.
Changing the ServerTarget variable to Replicated and deleting the OnRep function seems to remove these errors.
Sometimes it is necessary to re place (delete and re call get/set operators) the variable calls get remove the errors.
The errors also seem to have no effect on any logic as everything appears to act the same whether they are there or not.

I am not sure what the implications are of having these errors in the game and am leaving them as Replicated, but I would still prefer them to be RepNotify as they aren’t changed per frame.

I did not notice these errors in 4.1 and would think that they were introduced in 4.2.

Can anyone shed some light on this?