Accessed none trying to read : error with my Ball

Hello everyone,

Im making a football game and i make a shoot system, when the player left click, tje Ball get impulse. But my game is in multiplayer, and the shoot only work with the server, the client can’t shoot the ball and i’ have the error : accessed none trying to read Ball. :

Hi Ninjoe,

Run an IsValid check before the branch, It looks like it is registering the value as a NULL object, this will allow you to check if your ball variable has been populated. If it has not, you will need to populate the ball variable before you can run this script.

Like that ? :

Don’t works too, but im not very good with blueprint so… i don’t know…

Since its multiplayer, is the “Ball” variable set to replicated? If not, the ball will not be spawned on the clients but only on the server, thus giving the Accessed None message.


Yes, the ball is replicated, the client see it but he can’t left click to shoot.

Oh, the error come from the Ball class and i fix it, thanks !