Access to FSocket object being used for Actor Replication for QoS/DSCP packet tagging

Using wireshark I can see that actor replication is accomplished (at least by default) via a UDP stream. I want to change the DSCP value in the IP header of those packets, which can usually be accomplished by a setsockopt call with the socket file descriptor. From what I can tell, socket-level operations like this are abstracted through the engine, and I’ve started working with a copy of the source to find a reasonable way to add methods to accomplish this. It looks like I could add a SetTOS method to FSocket and the classes that inherit from it, but I still don’t know how to call that method on the actor replication socket.

If there exists a way to directly interface with that socket without modifying the Engine source, that would be ideal. Otherwise, I’m looking for some guidance on where the best entry point for implementing a tagging method would be, and how that can be exposed back to the level that I can set DSCP values inside the editor either through some plugin settings or directly calling some C++ code. For now if I can get some code that would work with setsockopt on BSD-like sockets then I can expand that solution to Windows trickery and other platforms.