Access Material in Post Process Material/Volume

So I’ve set up a PP Volume using a PP Material and I want to tell the PP Material to display a certain other material for objects under specific circumstances (it’s a custom depth set up)

The blueprint is using an If statement saying that if blabla scene depth/custom depth, use either this or that. “That” is the default for things not influenced by the effect, but for displaying the effect, how do I reference to the effect material in the PP Material?

If it helps, imagine you want to tell your PP Material that everything using custom depth is displayed with a wood texture, but for simplicity and because it is already set up, you want to reference to the starter package wood texture to use it. How?

You don’t. You either do, what you are doing, in post-process material or in object’s material.

Thanks. I have trouble setting up the exact same thing because of the RGB masks that ruin what works in the object’s material and I do not know what to put in there in the PP material since it requires something else to put into the if-node.