Access a CameraComponent images in C++

It seems a simple question but I haven’t found any function that gives this functionality.
How can we access the images registered by a CameraComponent mounted in a StaticMesh for example?
How can we get that image and save it somewhere?

wondering the same

Have a look at this function:

bool GetViewportScreenShot(FViewport* Viewport, TArray<FColor>& Bitmap, const FIntRect& ViewRect)

It is defined under (Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\UnrealClient.cpp)

It reads the render target pixels and places it on the bitmap color array

If you want to see how this is used as an example, have a look at the High Resolution Screenshot feature on the editor viewport (FViewport::HighResScreenshot)

is there a way to use this without looking through the camera? Just like rendering into a rendertarget with a sceneCapture?