Abstracting world coordinates onto a map

Hello, I am attempting to design a method by which my AI can travel through the world independent of the player. I’ve been considering doing it by means of a ‘strategy’ game map where each pixel or coordinate in the map references a position in the game world.
So moving the AI in this single map instance is all of the calculation one needs to do, and then they can just be spawned where that indicates in the real world when the player gets within say a screen’s distance of them.

The problem is how to go about it. Would I need a custom coordinates system for the strategy map? Do the AI need need some kind of reference in the strategy map that would bloat memory usage? Would blueprints not be capable of this behavior, and if so does anyone have some c++ references for systems similar to this that I can study?

Any responses are greatly appreciated! I only have about three months of UE4 experience, having recently switched over from Unity. And I’ve never tried having persistent AI in past projects ((As in even when unloaded they move around the world and interact ala mount and blade.))