Abstract C++ class as Blueprint Parent?

Hi guys!

Is it possible to write an Abstract class via c++ and use it as a parent for blueprints?

You should be able to do it (personally i never maked base class as Abstract, i kind of though os it a cherry on top of a class that i place last :p), why don’t you try it yourself? most common use of Abstract flag i notice in engine code is to list classes, but skip useless base classes.

Most impotent is Blueprintable specifier which decides if class can be used to create blueprint. It’s inhereable and all actors (except few classes like AInfo) are blueprintable by default. To stop “Blueprintable” inherence you need to use “NotBlueprintable” specifier

Also BlueprintType, it marks class to be able to use it as a blueprint type, without that class is pretty much not accessible in blueprints (maybe except static functions?), it’s also inhereable same as Blueprintable and AActor has it set.

indeed. It works like charm . Thank you :slight_smile: