Absolute world position with multiple layers

I’m using UE5 but i’m pretty certain that isn’t relevant to my question. I am trying to simulate a wall where there are three types of tiles - white on top, beige on bottom, and a decorative strip in the middle. they need to be a world aligned texture. did a three tier masking layout to get the strips working how i wanted, all is good. only one issue that’s perplexing me. as shown in the screenshot below, the middle texture is a different pixel size to the other two, and the material makes them all the same size, meaning the middle bit is too tall. BUT if i go to the middle texture and alture the “texturesize” node, for some reason it changes the size of ALL three textures. I don’t get why. are the texture sizes all linked because they are in a world aligned material?

I can just go into Photoshop and resize the texture manually, but my goal here is to learn unreal, so i want to figure out why its doing what it’s doing.

I’ve just tried this, and it works fine.

Admittedly, only a 2 layer blend, not 3.

I’m not in UE5 though, although I think that’s probably not it.

when you say you’ve tried it and it works fine… are you saying that your two layers could scale independently of each other while still being world aligned?