-ABSLOG and Cloud Hosted Dedicated Server

I have a server hosted using PlayFab which utilizes the -ABSLOG command. It used to work with no issues, unfortunately I do not recall which version that was. I have a post open with PlayFab on this issue which can be found here: https://community.playfab.com/questions/15842/ue4-log-files-can.html

Looking back there were changes in 4.14 via this post.

It states:

“Any projects that make use of -log or -abslog to specify log file names must make sure they are only using .txt or .log extensions.”


“Only accept “log=” and “abslog=” command line values if the filename has a “.log” or “.txt” extension.”

So my question is when PlayFab uses a dynamic path such as -ABSLOG does it get ignored? Even though the does get replaced with a directory, filename and .log extension.