About water effects on mobile?

How can i create a realistic water effect on mobile with directional light that sets movable?I tried many times but always get poor effect…Thanks very much!!

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As far as a realistic water material for mobile goes, there are a few ways to fake this affect. Although mobile does support translucency, it is extremely expensive and can really cause your scene or environment to take performance hits. Also the refraction input is not supported on mobile so getting real time reflections to get a realistic effect is not available yet. As mobile devices become more powerful, the engine might be able to allow users to support refraction on their mobile devices, but that could be in the far future.

I suggest creating an opaque material with at least two different sized textures that represent your large and small waves/ripples. Get those two textures with normals to pan at different speeds to start. Here is an example of the mobile water material I set-up using a couple of normals I took from Vehicle Game. This provides a good compromise between performance and realism.

Material Set-Up

In Game

Documentation for Mobile Materials and optimization:

I hope this gets you on the right path. Thank you for the question and let us know if you need any further assistance.

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Thank you very much!
However,I have some questions,here are 2 screenshot of the demo:Sun Temple
The upper one is with the directional light set to stationary,and the other one is set to movable(since the 4.5 support dynamic shadow on mobile so i try that).Why the movable light looks so stranger…
Also,both of them do not have the effect on pc regardless of screenspace reflection effect


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BTW:I test the material that you created and get the completely different effect on pc and mobile preview:(I hace a directional light set to movable and a skylight for indirect lighting)Thanks again!:

Would you mind sending me a screenshot of you material as well as telling me which mobile device you are using?

Also I am using a directional light set to movable and my sunlight in my skybox is referencing that as well. Be sure you have a screen reflection sphere above your waterplane as well.

i test that in mobile preview and have not tested it on mobile yet
btw,i do not use the bp_skysphere ,instead,i use a cutom skysphere

The material in the first comment above is the one that created in the marketplace demo:sun temple,i just opened that map and change the directional light to movable and did not change any other things.

Then there is your issue. Instead of using the Mobile Template create a new blank project using FiirstPerson Blueprint or ThirdPerson Blueprint. Then create the material in there and test it that way. You shouldn’t have any issues with your material.