About UE's AGAA(Aggregate G-buffer Anti-Aliasing)

About UE’s AGAA(Aggregate G-buffer Anti-Aliasing)
I think it’s a great AA solution, better than TAA(Ghosting issue),

Please see below link:

Do any one knows how to get it in githubs?


Well that’s always interesting to hear.

In any case, look at what they’re comparing AGAA to. SSAA. Bear in mind, 4x SSAA is running a 1080p game at 4k and downscaling, while running it at 8x SSAA is comperable to running it in 8k.

“4x AGAA is 1.7x faster than 4x SSAA” and “8x AGAA is 2.6x faster than 8x SSAA” is mostly a no brainer, since SSAA is the most expensive solution possible for all this. Plus, as they say on the last slide, it’s still ongoing work.

This isn’t anywhere near production ready, it looks like a research topic at the very most. I wouldn’t expect to see this even considered for another year or two, if it’s not dropped entirely. 5ms for antialiasing is way too expensive, nobody would use it.

Quantum Break use similar system where they shade in lower resolution than they actually draw geometry.

Maybe useless in game with current hardware.
But It’s useful to using UE to make animation films.
Improve lots quality, Unless we can say good bye to TAA’s ghosting issue.