About Specular Probes

Hello everyone ! I need you help i didn’t found anything on the web except others program, i want to learn how to use SpecularProbe on Unreal Engine 4?
I have multiple textures.
Anyone can help me to understand how to it ?

Like this : GitHub - zulubo/SpecularProbes: Bake specular highlights into Unity Reflection Probes, allowing baked

Thank you !

Nobody can help me?

This might be possible with UE4’s built in reflection captures, I noticed an unusual phenomenon where reflection captures will capture static lights but only when the reflection capture is first dragged into the level. Once you’ve built the lighting/captures again the light disappears from the reflection cubemap.

I will say however that this is usually a non-issue because lightsources rarely exist on their own except as fill lights (where you DON’T want them to show up in reflection captures).

99% of the time they’re attached to a mesh with an emissive material that will get captured in reflections with correct bloom and all. So if you really want your static light to show up in reflection captures just put a sphere around it with an emissive material.

I have tested with skylight i have atta hed cubemaps the result is pretty good but the problem is that when the player enters a tunnel the cubemap continues to display the elements inside which gives an unrealistic effect. I would like to avoid using light source and used this method. But i will try to tested with reflection capture tommorow.

Don´t get confused about the term SpecularProbes, that is just the name he created for this script, but it really is just Unitys reflection probes.

He does that, because it seems, that Unitys reflection probes could not capture those bright spots from the point lights, to get those highlights in the reflections. So he bypassed it by spawning glowing spheres around those point lights, which then would be captured instead of the original point lights.

Unreal reflection probes will capture every static light source (scale the size of the captured light via its “Source Radius”) and every static object, so you would not need to spawn in additional spheres or geometry, to capture their intense lightsspots. But it might be easier to just capture glowing objects to get the look, that you want, since those objects might be easier to handle and scale, than the lights.