About Simple Panaromic Exporter

We can use this extension in matinee tool or master sequence tool ?

Texture is changing when ı move the camera but ı can’t export a video or images ?

Can you help me on using this plugin?

I don’t know how to do it. We want to use this plugin in our VR Advertisement project for book promotion.
Can you help us to use?

I think the use of the insert has changed. Right ? Do you still need the source code for this plugin?

We have an error here.

I compiled the editor, but it’s getting error again. Could you please help me ?

Other error in BPGearVRCameraRig blueprint.
images upload

Just saw this thread.

This thread title is Simple Panoramic Exporter, a plugin I sell, but all the screenshots are not from this plugin at all?

Please use the plugin from the marketplace. Also please note that this plugin only exports monoscopic panoramas, not stereoscopic. The screenshots you provided seem to attempt stereoscopic, from an old throwaway project I have on Github.