About Player Data

Can the data obtained by players on the map in UEFN be preserved?

I am waiting for it too :slight_smile:

Hello there! I work on the UEFN documentation team. Do you mean that you retain information about players on your map (like play time, most played), or that players retain information about your map after playing so when those same players return they can pick up where they left off? I want to make sure I understand the issue so I can get you the best answer to your question. Thank you!

For example, items, resources, and character growth collected by players in the game

You can use the Team Settings and Inventory device to determine items and resources. You could even use the Round Settings device to determine what players’ inventories look like at the end of each round.

As Pruflas000 posted above, we’re waiting for the Save Point device to come to UEFN. This device has persistence settings that handle player/character growth settings.

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