About multiplayer + many dynamics objects

Hi, this is my free game project in progress currently running with unreal engine 4.17.1

Unreal Engine part26 - [2] experimental tests. - YouTube

I just do it like a pastime, I don’t have in mind to make a full multiplayer game.
The game run with around 40 to 50 AI characters, The game have some vehicle types like car, truck, quadracer, motocross.
I learning about unreal engine from youtube video, or with try and error.
I’m already a lot familiar with 3D programming, And newton physics simulation, My knowledge about multiplayer is low.
The only thing where i’m pretty sure, surely more you have players and dynamics objects more it coming complex to deal with multiplayer.
The final game can change a lot from what the video showing it is only some experimental tests.
My question, It is possible to make coop multiplayer game 2 or 4 players with many AI characters and many dynamics objects ?

If yes, it is possible to find a good tutorial with a similar scenario somewhere ?
Or someone have good infos about it.

Sorry about my english, thanks for the nice engine.