About MarketPlace items

I was roaming the internet the other day and came across this website which sold 3d models and you could click a preview button and a little smaller screen popped up and you could see the model and turn it and etc

would it be hard to do that with items in marketplace? to implement that I mean because I can’t get no feed back for some items and i dont want to waste a 100 dollars with out knowing how something looks or is.

It depends on the item I think–since some marketplace items have a ton of objects, that would be a lot to have a preview of all of them.

You can probably get around this with larger packs by capping the preview objects by 5-10.

We actually had a similar thing built into the forums here, but the problem was that it couldn’t handle PBR. Not sure if the same problem applies to plugins for the marketplace, but I’ll run the idea by Jon Jones.

An integration of the Marmoset Viewer ( Marmoset Viewer - Interactive 3D Renders In Your Web Browser ) for the marketplace would be terrific :wink: