About Making a Game Dev Studio & Workstation

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i’m a game developer i’ve started thinking early this month to build a game dev studio with a workstation to get started really in this section of industry

[FONT=Palatino Linotype]So?
**i’m looking for some answers & informations & advices :slight_smile: such as , how many square it should be , where to find talents , a good pc workstation … ext
[COLOR="#FF0000"]& The Main Question is : The Jobs Of This industry i mean a list of games dev’s posts mmm like , technical director , human resource , Seo Expert , Lighting artist , and thanx for your time , ur help maybe will be the reason of our existing :o[/COLOR]

The building doesn’t matter so much as the rent isn’t too expensive and it’s comfortable with enough room for the number of people you intend to hire. If you know nothing about what you’re doing it’s going to be a very big risk of money though. It might also be a problem depending on what country you’re in.

This is a good site to get info on the business:

You can find lots of developer jobs on various sites. The last pages of any issue of Edge would probably be very informative, as they profile individual companies, with a lot of job adverts.

Not that I want to pour cold water on your plan for office space, but there’s a reason there’s a phrase “bedroom programmers”. You don’t need an office, just people and computers, and it’s rent-free! :slight_smile:

no actually i’m an ancien prorammer & as i told u i’ve began thinking about this

thanx bros for the infos & links really helped me :slight_smile:

What’s an ancien programmer?

The office isn’t important. Get the lead developers on as co-founders with salary and equity is your most attractive proposition as a startup.

ah tell me , aout the offices if u have time what do u prefer i mean open office or colsed or closed with 2 or a a number of coworkers :slight_smile:

I personally prefer a open office, because there you have a much better communication. :slight_smile:

but u can’t relax good i think !

But communication is a key thing in game development → you could make something like a “relaxing room” (e.g with food, something to play, …) :slight_smile: But even this depends on the size of the studio

aha cool what do u suggest as a size ? :slight_smile: i mean a good & full with a mocap & play & the other persons who will work in office i mean the moderators & the marketers :slight_smile:

With size of the studio I meant the number of staff ^^ e.g For 10 people one open office will be enough… :wink:

I would recommend you to do a little bit of field studying -> go into several offices/companies and see how they have managed the room

e.g I worked in big open office rooms and also in rooms with just 2-4 people in it and somehow both ways are good.

open office -> you have a pretty good communication with all people there but it’s a little bit loud ^^
closed office -> silence but to communicate to other people you will have to go into another office/floor

thanx for ur help but actually here in africa there is no gaming studio :slight_smile: , it’s africa bro :stuck_out_tongue:
i’m looking for that actually next month to visit activision or EA
we are actually now about 14 person & i think we will be about 80 person with the managers sure :slight_smile: u think 700 metre square good ? :slight_smile:

I ride a giraffe because I can’t afford a elephant. :frowning: Also the lions prowl the streets of our cities! :frowning: (just kidding ;))
P.S pedro9 I’m also from “Africa”

hahaha , What’s ur country man! :smiley:

South Africa :slight_smile:

80 people is very different than 14. Maybe hire an Office Manager to figure out and plan your best setup. Just keeping the restroom clean and stocked will require organization. I think you will need a few conference rooms as well as some private offices for sure, for the sound mainly.

Open offices have in some environments less communication.
The problem comes in with duties being verbally communicated.

Once something does go south, in a bad work place… people start playing the oh but i was never told this.
And to combat that you need to communicate in writing as well. Which then leads to doing double the communication.

Also in an open office people tend to lose respect for focus. Interruptions are more likely to occur.

The only way open offices do work is if everyone in that area get along and are on the same page.
If politics are involved then kiss productivity goodbye

We don’t develop games here, but we do software development. We have a pretty open office and there are about 20 employees. It is fairly laid back and there is absolutely no drama and for such a small team we do quite a bit and have pretty good productivity. We spend a lot of time together outside of work and plan a lot of concerts and events to go to as a company to keep drama to a minimum. It feels like a family here and everyone acts like an equal. You know who is in charge but they don’t have to display their dominance or anything. They ask rather than tell… they genuinely care about you as a person. In return it makes you work better because you’re not being forced into performing you just want to perform and they help you excel.

Happy employees are productive employees and having people who share similar interests and can actually get along well with one another is going to make them want to work there and enjoy their job. Basically if you run a business act like you care about the employee instead of acting like you own them and that goes a long way. I like the open office environment here because it is really easy to get help or bounce ideas off everyone if I need it and that helped me a lot when getting used to working here.