About landscape painting

Hello , i have a problem with landscape painting ,
i downloaded the landscape material from this video

and tried to make some layer to paint the roads . path etc… but whenever i paint , the whole square turns black or grey ,
it happens too when i paint four simple mats on one square before , and someone told me its becuz there is a limit of how much layer can be painted in one square .

so is there any good way to paint the path i need in my map? , using spline as the path is really hard to match the ground , and looks terrible .
really need to know is there any way to make a nice looking path , something like this video .Creating a quick Unreal Engine 4 Mountain environment - YouTube
p.s. i did this tutorial before .Texturing a Landscape in UE4 (Unreal Engine 4) - YouTube it works fine , but i can’t put more than four in one square , and when the mats comes more complex , i can’t even draw any on the landscape .

or is there any better way to make the paths ?

thanks for help !! D:

Hi. I’m also learning UE4 and I don’t know if I can help you, but since it seems more advanced people are not interested in answering this kind of questions I hope at least I can give you some ideas.

It really seems that is a problem with the shader model and there isn’t much to do, but I have been pondering you actually don’t need THAT many layers per component if you get creative.
For example, you could break patterns in slope materials by placing actual static meshes for rocks and things like that.
Look at this screenshot from Skyrim. The gray rocks on the mountains are in fact static meshes.


You can also add variety by placing foliage and things like that.

As I said, if you get creative maybe you don’t need many layers per component.

thanks for answering ! , yes i know that i can use meshes as cliffs , mountains etc… but the path with some dirt or the difference between it is usually walked by isn’t easy to do with meshes…
and the best way i think is to paint the path , and put some meshes around it , like rocks , fences , etc…
and the problem i was facing is that i cannot paint with complex materials like the link i posted , is it becuz of the weight or height of the layer or something ? , or the only way is to use simple mats like the tutorial ?
really want to know how to make a good looking map to travel around D: