About Landscape Height Layer Blend working


Im facing issues using Landscape’s height layer blend:

So by default, the contrast, or blend hardness is too smooth for my use, and looks like a regular weight layer blend from far distances.

To solve this, I use a power on my height map to push the contrast and get a jagged transition like below, good.

But when i add an other layer and try to have the same effect, things goes wrong. I don’t know how height layer blend works, but hight height values appears on the whole landscape even if the layer’s weight is 0 in this area.

So I kinda understand how it works, but Im not able to do what I want: Multiples layers with custom height contrast blend.
Why layers are still present even on 0 weighted vertices? I am using the tool badly? If so, how to make a harder height blend?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Regarding contrast, this is the way blending works. Your best bet at reaching contrast is actually using more contrasty blend maps.

What do you mean? Because layer paint with a superior weight of 1 don’t change a thing and use contrastly height maps is precisely what I am doing. But adding more than 2 layers makes results I showed above.
What I’m looking for is a sort of multiply by weight after height blend calculation, where is can’t be another layer present when it is 100% weighted, any height values considered. Only mixed weighted vertices should allow blending.

The thing is I’m a blueprint user and i can’t open the Layer Blend node so I’m wondering if I have to remake a custom Layer Blend system to make it works.


In a place, where layer weight is 1 AND its blendmask is 1, no other layer will show up. If latter is not 1, there is no guarantee that you will see only one layer, even if you painted it to a weight of 1. If you are not happy with results of landscapelayerblend, you can do your own heightblend using landscapelayerweight node.

Yes, of course, but sadly weight is cap to 0 to 1, so impossible to push lower values up and fill the area with a single material despite of the material base height is low if I understand it well.
Ideed it seems that I have to make my own blending function, I was just surprised that noone had the same issue, the multiple height blend looks very restrictive to me now.
Thanks for your time Deathrey.