About DIY fluid simulation on UE4


I’m new to UE4. Due to my personal research, I’d like to use UE4 to test my own physical simulation formula. However, I could not find any helpful information about how to import my very own formula into UE4 and run it to see what the effect is. For example, I’d like to create the core formula of turbulence and test it on UE4, instead of using the built-in module.

Could anyone help me with it? I’ll appreciate it :slight_smile:

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I suggest using C++

There is no built in module. Or a “formula” for “fluid” or anything remotely close to it.

You can try to use a PhysX branch (nvidia flow) maybe. But even then it’s a lot more going on than entering a formula.

Normally, all that water is, normally, is a glorified material shader where you take a flat mesh and distort it at runtime so that it appears to be water like.
Reactions and movement are done via render targets and flow maps.
Surface movement is done by panning normals / and or other things around.

The best approximation of fluid simulation is done with particles. And you can see it in Nvidia Flex.
You could try to make something similar via Niagara, maybe, but you’d need a much deeper set of skills than just “a physics formulae” to get to anything.

Try a better engine for theoretical physics if you don’t need this for a game or to release something that has to be made with UE4. There’s tons of better suited solutions for testing out theoretical formulae.

Thanks! I have noticed the UE4 support the C++ script, but I did not find something useful for doing the customized fluid dynamic simulation :frowning:

Sorry for the confuse and thanks for your explanation.

As you said, a particle system tool set is exactly what I need for now. However, I’m struggling to find some specific instructions to do that.

Did you have any idea where could I find such instructions?