About Create Proc

I have an executable file “process1.exe”.
For this file, when it is start up, it will automatically, start up another executable file “process2.exe”

Below codes allow me to execute “process1.exe” in UE4, but cannot start up “process2.exe”

FString Test = TEXT("D:\\projects\\p_name\\exe_folder\\process1.exe");
process = FPlatformProcess::CreateProc(*Test, NULL, false, true, true, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL);

“process2.exe” is not start up, would probably because of the incorrect working directory.
So, I modify the code as below:

FString Test = TEXT("D:\\projects\\p_name\\exe_folder\\");
test = FPlatformProcess::CreateProc(TEXT(".\\process1.exe"), NULL, false, true, true, NULL, 0, *Test, NULL);

However, “process1.exe” and “process2.exe” both are not start up.

What is wrong for my code?

Thank you.