About bot character and networking

Hi all!
Imagine situation, that some guy (Server) playing game and fighting with enemy (Bot character).
Then some another guy (Client) connecting to help.

Bot character can be male or not male (female), it random generated when bot appears in game.

How Client can check, is it male or not male? => Server need to tell it
For example like this:

So, questions:

  1. is it correct way? if not - is there some another?
  2. will it push net traffic?
  3. it working, even if i set all “Replicated” checkboxes to “none” (because any tests to “replicate” or “repnotify” this was failed. So for what there “replicated” function?

Note: If Server tell some data to Client once there is data loss in any tests =, this way there is tick+delay method. But to tell data every 2 seconds - is bad too (aspecialy if there a lot of data - random faces, hair, dress, weapon etc.)
So, this way better to check if there client connection, and then shoot event few times (tell+debug-debug-debug)
Here the screen, mb will be helpful for someone )

kk, another issue) Client connecting to Server, to help to kill bot. He damaging bot’s health (float) and when bot’s health down to zero - bot talk to Server - i’m dead (Bool)

So, what i have: Bot’s Health float set to “not replicated”, has no any events to “Run on server” or “Multicast”… and it’s replicated :slight_smile: Both sides, Server-Client n’ Client-Server. Bot’s “I’m dead” bool set “replicated”, has “RunOnServer” event - not working, has “Reliable RunOnServer” - not working, has both “RunOnServer” n’ “multicast” events’ - no, Client see that bool, server not )

Is it some Unreal’s shtick, or what is it?

So how can Bot character - that on a server - tell to player character - that on a same server - that he is dead?)


I decide that Bot character can’t to tell to server nothing, this way it must be some another initiator of all of this. Player character, who else :slight_smile: So better way i found is to ask bot’s health, reduce it and tell it to server (from client), aka this:

Also i found for myself what for “Replicated” function - to turn back variable value from server to client. Smth like Client: “hey server, current health of this bot is less than 0 - server: yeah” Client: “Hey server, this bot is dead - server: yeah” etc. )