Able Ability System Info and Support Thread

Yea, I think I mentioned this to you in the Discord channel. I’ll expose the Location Target in the next patch but you can use the Vector Context Parameters in the meantime.

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Hello, I cannot seem to find a valid discord invite, may I have one, thanks.


Able v3.71 submitted, notes below:

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Able v3.72 submitted, small update.

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Able v3.73 submitted. Just a few bug fixes.

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Hi Matt,
I’m using Able now and have a simple question to ask.
So I’m creating my AbilityTask in the game project, and I found there’s a issue that I can’t really create my own ScratchPad class for the task. The reason why is like following.

class UAblScratchPadSubsystem : public UWorldSubsystem

I solved it by adding “ABLECORE_API” but just wonder if there’s any reason you don’t want to expose the API inside this class outside of the plugin?
Thank you.

Nah, that’s totally safe. I’ll add that in the next update. Thanks for letting me know about it.

Cheers, mate. Thank you for your confirmation.