Ability to create materials using UDK Slope Detection

I recently just started using UE4 and am wondering if the following material is still possible. This was a material I made in UDK for slope detection using two textures and I am wondering if this is possible in UE4 or has changed due to the changes with Blueprint? I will also state that going from UDK to UE4 the TexCoords confused me to hell because you have to search for TextureCo now to find what I assume is the same parameter. The third layer was sand so it would be accessible when I using using the Landscape tool to paint between the sand and the 2 heightbased textures.



Take a look at the “World_Aligned_Blend” node. You can use it for slope detection. Haven’t really checked it out yet…

Ah will do thank you order66. If anyone else has any ideas for this input would be gratefully appreciated. Just to clarify are all the parameters shown here available in UE4? And if they are would it work as the UDK slope method did if I rebuilt this in BP?

EDIT: Was this what you were refering to order? Engine Feature Examples for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation
EDIT2: Found the documentation here Landscape Material Layer Blending in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation after some digging.

I am sure it’s possible, like order said its translating to the new nodes and names of nodes that have changed :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually printed out the UDK node network list and the new one for UE4 and have been comparing descriptions while figuring out the new stuff. Still wrapping my head about the new stuff, should be a few weeks before I have a handle on it. But this shader sparked my interest challenge accepted :smiley: Going to see if I can make it work here later once I get off work. Seeing how were not using UE4 where I am at now lol

This was mirrored for the normals I used so it has 2 sets for Grass and Dirt as well as the math section in the first post. If you do happen to figure out its possible for UE4 please let me know here or via PM (if thats possible on these forums.)

Yeah, that’s what I meant. Haven’t really gotten into it, because at the moment I am using a different approach for slope detection on landscape. I currently use Terre Sculptor to bake my weightmaps based on a slope parameters and import them to UE4 as landscape layers. Works quite well.

Blending textures based on slope is pretty simple actually. Add a VertexNormalWS node, mask the blue channel and use this for your Lerp alpha. By modifying the blue channel with some biasscaling/clamps you can also feed multiple Lerps, like grass#1, grass#2, rocks, cliffs.
I’m using this a lot for quick testing landscapes from external applications like terrsculptor so I won’t need to extract weight maps each and every time.

Would the math group in the first screenshot be sufficient for 2 layers with no changes between that and UE4? I havent had time to recreate that particular setup yet due to working on other stuff but I already noticed searching for Textcoord in UE4 yielded nothing and I am forced to search TextureCoord instead due to naming changes for the functions.

I know how to import heightmaps but am curious if you have any information available as to how I would do that for the weightmaps? That is assuming its not one and the same thing?

Sure, apply a material to your landscape with at least two layers. Then under Landscape Options -> Paint -> Target Layers create a Layer Info for each layer and in the same dialouge right-click on the down arrow and choose “Import from file”. Choose your desired weightmap and it’s being imported.

Yes, both nodes are still there and work the same, ObjectOrientation and Transform.

Just did a brief tutorial:


Ah awesome thank you for that I will work on transferring the old material info now. Thank you for the confirmation.

Thank you immensely for this info order66 if there was a way to +1 this I would.

Thank you both as well for the information and help so far.