Abducted in Unreal 4

Hey guys, currently working on bringing Abducted to Unreal from a previous custom engine. If you’re curious about it you can check it out at the Steam store where its in beta (the old engine build) but the new Unreal 4 version will be offered soon and replace the old version once it’s far enough along.

This also gives us the ability to do a Mac version of the game and VR Vive version as seen running here. These are very prelim.

Mac version:

VR test:

Feedback is welcome.

This vid shows the first working implementation of the 3D Arm and improvements to movement/jumping/controls generally.

She now has 3 kinds of jumps. A standing idle jump, a walking forward jump and a running distance jump. In addition there are sub-movements within those brackets… if you do a walking jump and stop moving partway through the movement, she lands and stops differently along a shorter path. If you run jump then stop your movement, she’ll land and stop quicker. This will replace the scripted jumping in the original, no need to do that now. The player will be able to control what kind of jump he wants out of her whenever he wants.

Also shown here is how the different jumping and falling behaves differently depending on how the player walks off a ledge. This is a very complex animation system, much more than what could be done originally, and it will be refined further.

Gameplay footage of the new intro. Using the latest Unreal 4.15 codebase.

Development continues on Abducted… currently working on the jumping, falling and damage system. These are some gruesome death outtakes.

Hey everyone! Here’s 2 videos of new (work in progress) environments in Abducted. Unreal 4 is great and things are moving along very fast.

Tentacles, physics, ragdoll, slapping itself silly. =)

Testing out the new shield effect and the gameplay of having Tentacles try to kill you when the force field is up.

The new blaster ability, aiming, FX, and all that.

looks great! Can’t wait to see more!

Just updated to 4.16, doing a first pass with volumetric lighting and other new features.





Open (alien) world exploration is going to be part of the game.


An Icy, frozen alien landscape

Beast combat WIP

WIP intro gameplay to the 2nd level of Abducted, Falling.

That looks very cool! Nice screenshots! How did you take those? Just with the build in screenshot command or?

Correct Markyroson using the built in Ue4 screenshot tool.

Updating the stylized look of the game, more to come. The Beta will be available by this weekend.






I like the style of it, it looks quite cool (no pun intended on the “Frozen” map :D)! Keep up the good work! :smiley:

Some snippets from the next map being worked on in Abducted. New build coming tonight Mac/PC.

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