Abandoned Tunnel Scene [WIP]

I started working with displacement maps and tessellation and ended up creating a small scene of an old abandoned tunnel, it’s still a WIP but it’s off to a good start.

I still plan to add a lot of detail like an electrical box for the sparks to come out of, trash, etc.

All of the textures are 2048x with 1024x maps, the walls and ground use a 3 material blend using vertex paint with a 1000px lod and alpha to control overall height so you can edit it like terrain.

The water uses depth bias alpha, fog and distortion - The only assets did not create are the particle effects.

Watch in HD


Thats very neat! The scene reminded me Dark Souls 2 immediately.Waiting for updates!

Looks great, Just wondering how well does it run with fps?

It runs great, UE4 supports tessellation very well, it runs better than any of the sample content assets that were released and compared to those i’m not pushing that many polys and my materials aren’t that complex.

Your use of materials is nothing short of breathtaking, thank you very much for posting :slight_smile:

What is your frame rate may I ask and the setup of your materials? :slight_smile: Thanks

Thanks and keep going on the tutorial some ue4 starters will love it

Congratulations!!! Really amazing!

I know it’s pretty off topic but I just wanted to mention that when you SLI/Crossfire graphics cards the graphics memory doesn’t add up. So you have 2gb, not 4gb :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually knew that VRam isn’t multiplied in SLI, not sure why i typed that though… haha

Flipping awesome! I did a similar scene about 15 years ago in some 3D software that shall remain nameless and it took about 10 minutes to render each frame. Didn’t look nearly as good either - amazing how far things have come! :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome and clever, well done! :slight_smile:

I know, it’s crazy how far real-time graphics have come, the UE4 engine is absolutely awesome and makes creating content so **** easy. I just hope they finish the real-time lighting system soon because it would make life much easier…

I want to live in there!

Nice work there!

Awesome! Was photorealistic well.

I just noticed that like 5 posts in this thread have disappeared from me and from other posters?

Yeah that’s strange, mine was removed. :?

Think the forum server lost some data, think it’s in the announcement section.

Looks great…I am curious though, it looks like there may be cracks in the meshes? Are you using Enable Crack Free Displacement for tessellation in your materials? Ether looks great like the addition of the wire…and love the general tone of the scene.