AAA Quality VR/AR, 2D/3D Anim VFX SFX LD and Code services for hire!

**Project Reel: **

Ironbelly Studios]( is a full development provider with a mission to consistently deliver world-class quality by empowering and organizing the world’s greatest talents. Our rapid growth over the last several years is attributed to our ability to deliver high quality work and competitive pricing. Ironbelly Studios is able to deliver anything from small scale to AAA across nearly every device on the market. We’re equally as comfortable working on non-gaming / commercial projects.

Whether it is technical, creative, or design, Ironbelly can fill any gap in your pipeline, or handle the entire project development process from concept to completion.

What services do we offer?

We offer a full range of comprehensive services under one convenient and efficient roof. You’ll never have to worry about tracking down or taking risks on multiple people with unproven track records. The list below covers the primary items most clients are looking for, however, if you have something special in mind, feel free to reach out to us on our

[quote form.]

  • **2D: **Concepting and illustration
  • 3D: Organic and Hardsurface Modeling
  • Rigging, Animation and Mocap: Experienced with all facets of UE4’s animation system
  • UI design: UMG, Scaleform/Flash or Coherent
  • Level Design: Advanced knowledge and experience with Unreal and Unity. Services include full documentation and planning, terrain, lighting, shaders, materials, post processing, and everything else you’d need done in the editor
  • VFX work: Be it sprite based or real time particles using Cascade
  • Audio: Full soundtrack composition and sound effects
  • Programming: Advanced coding and Uscripting for UDK, UE3 and of course UE4 (including full blueprint coding)
  • Writing: Creative writing services available for scripts, dialogue and game design

Request a Quote!

A few Projects we’ve worked on recently

If you have any questions or want to chat about working together on a project head over to and take a closer look at our services and portfolios. Afterwards I certainly look forward to the opportunity to sit down over email or discord and hear a bit more about what you are working on and what role we could play to help bring your project to the world.

Feel free to use the contact or quote forms on the website or, if it’s easier, just send us an email to [EMAIL=“”]

Skype: ironbellystudios

And now for some eye candy:

VR & High End Modeling

**3D Assets


[SIZE=20px]**Weapon Models






Character Design[/SIZE]


**UI / UX


2D Concept / Inspirational Art

Some interesting stuff you got there. Good luck.

There’s an error in your email adress here.

Thanks for pointing that out Rasped, much appreciated

Welcome to UE 4 Iron figured you would be here eventually. :slight_smile:

How much would it cost to higher you to do some models and maybe animations???

Hey Josh, well we’ve been using UE4 for just about a year now but I just clued in that all of the work requests have moved here away from the UDK forums. Silly me :slight_smile:
Thing, it’s really going to depend on the level of detail you need, feel free to head over to and we’ll put together and estimate for you. Thanks!

Sorry your prices are not indie prices. I asked them how much for a 1 mins and a half video of a space battle just involving 4 different models. I even mentioned I provide the models, sounds, voice over etc… no characters or anything like that. They claim indie prices but 6k for 1 min and a half min video which they do not have to do any modeling too. I hate to see what they charge for modeling. That kind of budget is for bigger studios. I seen on average for trailers that studios pay for is 10 grand or more now that is with the modeling and everything done included tho.

That depends on the quality, 1:30 min is a lot. I find the price reasonable.
Don’t confuse modeling with the video animation production.

Not going to defend anyone but will say this

they not the only people who outsource or you can hire for your trailer, the sea is filled with fishes so just go find another fishing spot, i’m sure many people have worked with then and are satisfied with what they got for what every they paid. You don’t like the price then look around again i’m sure you can find someone that fit your budget. No need to say they price to high, they price is they price take it or leave it, or at least contact them in private and try to negotiate a deal of some kind you never know you might get a 1k discount ^^.

To add to that not like they do crapy work for high price they do excellent work so they price it to match they quality.

I’m not associated with IronBelly first off.

I think it is wrong for a number of reason’s to post the quote he gave you. If you don’t like it or is too much for you then don’t use his services. You tend to get what you pay for in this world, don’t knock the studio because you think that is too much just go to another source, if you can find a cheaper one that has the quality you want, great.

I totally agree with Mikepurvis and i find this kind of act un-professional because “you don’t think” their prizes are aimed towards indies. I don’t work for IronBelly either just to be clear. It’s like throwing trash to a projects post just because you don’t like it’s content.

While I don’t see anything defamatory in posting a quote, since it’s a reflection of the price range IronBelly is operating under, it’s just that - a quote for this project in specific. Anyone interested in getting a tailored quote should do so by submitting applicable information on their website, as they are quick to respond and quite personable.

I don’t think its unprofessional at all. Ironbelly is providing a service, and when people “review” a service you have both positive and negative responses. To censor one wouldn’t accurately depict the overall consensus. There are those who are satisfied with service provided, and those who are not.

Sorry i re-read my post. I should had put it in another way so forgive me was kind of in a rush there.
Posting in a “providing service” thread if thats the way to call it a review, providing your side and potentially damaging any potential client interest is bad. Thats what i really meant, If you do not find their services good or at the right price that is your opinion yes but i think this isn’t the place to mention it and i am also sure that this is per-case thing more than a (1 plan fits all) issue. So what that achieved was turn away a few interested people by reading that comment without even asking for a price themselves.

Hope that cleared out what i meant. Now we should all be good as that was a personal opinion, Like others above me said if someone doesn’t like the prices then sure you can find other companies too. But remember you have to choose “Quality vs Quantity”.

~Chris I.

Wow, I wasn’t expecting to see this when logging in here to check the forums, you gotta love when someone comes out and publicly trashes you for offering services at prices that they can’t afford.

Let me be clear that the prices quoted were based on the quality and scope that this lovely gentlemen requested. A need to look amazing and be epic like something out of Battlestar Galactica was the benchmark set in our conversation. So, for all of the composition, editing and cleanup work needed to pump out 90 seconds of a space based battlescene that had the epicness and quality of something like the video below, we quoted a range that seemed fair and definitely well under the $10,000 - $30,000+ per minute a large studio would gladly pay. Instead of chalking this up as a lesson into how much work actually goes into something like this and perhaps lower his expectations, he was kind enough to come here and give us all sorts of free publicity, for which we can only send our heart felt thanks and wish his project the best of luck!

Now for your viewing please let me demonstrate what far far more than any of us can afford per minute gets you :slight_smile:

You honestly don’t think it’s unprofessional to go chat someone up on skype with vague requests for over the top productions, get sent very rough quote and then come onto a public forum to disclose the dollar amounts of those quotes and whine to everyone because they aren’t what you think they should cost? Hmm, different strokes for different folks I suppose, although epic themselves felt it so unprofessional that they banned this kind of thing in the UDK forums( so either they haven’t gotten around it setting up the forum guidelines here or maybe it’s no longer considered unprofessional and I need to get with the times :slight_smile: Either way, you win some and you loose some in terms of trying to randomly guess clients needs based on brief skype conversations, perhaps it’s cause to only give quotes after someone has gone to and given me more information.

After seeing what he expected i am speechless, i would gladly pay you 6k for that work, it well detailed and as you mention epic!!!

Don’t worry about him, as i said plant fish in the sea looking for outsourcing services with this quality in they work. You guys keep up the good work, and don’t little these smalls things get you down.

Stay awesome!!! :slight_smile:

@Devs this threads needs a clean up (My posts too). Since Ironbelly gave us what happened there is no point on dragging this thread down anymore.

For future reference guidelines are needed just like it was mentioned above. Trashing a studio for reasons like “I don’t think it’s indie prices” or similar is not needed in public. Everyone can have his own opinion doesn’t mean it’s professional to go around bashing studios or people because of that “freedom”.