AAA Animated Medieval Bludgeoning Weapon Pack by Ironbelly Studios

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We’re excited to share that we are expanding our arsenal to include Medieval Weapons, including swords, shields, daggers, bows and more! To make things easier down the road, we’ve broken up the Medieval weapons threads for each ‘family’ of weapons.

The first to be released is our
Animated Medieval Bludgeoning pack](

Bludgeoning weapons include:

  • Flail
  • Morningstar
  • War-Hammer

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If you’re interested in seeing our Bows and Crossbows, go here…If Swords and Shields are what you’re after, check this out.

Forgot to add the Morningstar to the list here, as it will also be included and can definitely do some damage! Take an early look at this weapon, not to be confused with a mace:

Let’s celebrate this Monday with a low poly textured shot of our forthcoming Morningstar, one of the weapons included in the Bludgeoning weapons pack that also includes a free pair of FP arms and updated animations :slight_smile:

Onto the next bludgeoning weapon, I say! The War Hammer was developed as a result of the usage of hard steel, that would just bounce right off armor. The War Hammer, however, would deliver a soul crushing blow!

Looks great. Any updates?

Hey @phantom530 thanks for checking in on these! We’re working away and hope to have our first pack launched here soon (other than the Medieval FP arms: It’s been busy and we prioritized getting all our current packs updated to 4.11 :slight_smile: More updates to come soon!

Happy to share that we’re pretty close to submitting the Bludgeoning pack, just doing some QA and then it’s off! Here’s a look at the Medieval weapons included: A Morningstar, Flail and War Hammer. And just like our other weapon’s pack this includes free FP arms:

Can we see videos? XD

Unfortunately @phantom530, we save the videos until the pack is launched on the Marketplace (our version of unboxing). Are you wondering about animations and looking to see a preview? If you have some questions about which animations are included, I can try and answer them here!

I’m just interested in seeing the actual animations.

We’re putting the finishing touches on the video and will have something to show you soon @phantom530 :cool:

I can’t wait :smiley: @Ironbelly

I think the mace-style morningstar should have a center ball with slightly more heft.
Medieval reference (what little exists) seems to indicate it’s more of a mallet-level than a nightstick-level weight.

Thanks for the feedback @jwatte! We’re just putting the finishing touches on everything now so it doesn’t look like it will change it prior to launch. But it’s always possible we’ll make a change down the road :slight_smile:

Here’s a beauty shot of the Warhammer that is included in the Bludgeoning Weapons Pack that will hit the Marketplace any day now:

Will these work with kubolds animations?

For folks who are wondering- these definitely will work with the Kubolds animation kit and also with UE4’s standard animations as well! We are working away on creating some new animations for these packs and will be sharing some fun details soon!

Very excited to announce the launch of our first Medieval weapons pack which can be seen here: We will be added in more bluedgeoning weapons down the road but decided to remove daggers so that we could release a dagger centric pack instead. Head over to]( and pick up your copy today!

Ah, looks brilliant. I’ll surely be purchasing this soon. Any chance you’ll also do a swords pack?

Swords and Shields are definitely in the works! You can follow along with the progress over here: