AA issues and Light Bleeding.

I am trying to build The House of Blue Leaves scene from Kill Bill Vol.1…

…I have come across numerous issues that are making my scene look, IMO awful.

Any help with these problems is greatly appreciated, I have searched high and low for answers without any luck…

First is what seems to be AA or my gfx card simply cannot handle UE4.
I am getting these horrible fuzzy edges which flash like white dots at times (seen just above doors)

The second problem is what seems to be every single wall piece is bleeding light from the outside…I removed the sun etc so Im not sure why there is even still a light out there but they are all back-light and bleeding.

Also when I bake the lights some walls are simply not being taken into account it seems.

IMG#1 - Fuzzy edges
IMG#2 - Strange Light Bake front
IMG#3 - Strange Light Bake top
IMG#4 - Light Bleeding

Thanks for reading…