A zelda like Inventory System

Hello everybody ! I am actively working on a UE4 project. Being a beginner, I do not know how to create my own “stuff”, I still need tutorials. Having nothing to look like, I post here. Did you know how to create an inventory system similar to zelda BOTW (Different weapon types, equip or drop…) ? (Blueprint or C++) Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

This is a question that can simply not be answered here, as there are way too many things going on in that inventory to explain here. You may as well just ask us to make the inventory system for you.

My advice is to either look at the marketplace and buy yourself a ready made inventory system (and maybe use that as reference), or search for inventory tutorials on Google (I immediately found 2 video tutorials when I searched UE4 Inventory tutorials).

Thanks for your answer. That’s exactly what I thought! I have already started to look a bit on the Marketplace, but I have not seen anything “interesting” yet. I will look a little later. I will come back later, thank you!