A weird 'sparkle' on shiny materials

Hello there, I’m new to this type of troubleshooting by making a topic on a forum, so pardon if theres a things that amiss.

I’ve been using UE4 for a few months, but these problem are still occured and I still can’t find the way to fix it. My materials produces this weird glints when the roughness value was high. (when theres a directional light or any types of light actors). I don’t mind glints, but I think these are too sharp even for shiny materials on metal objects.

I provided a photo link below:


It’s not supposed to do that. You defintely mean ‘high roughness’? It’s not a typo?

I think things to look at are:

  1. Can you make it do it in a fresh level with default lighting?

  2. Can you make it happen with other materials?

  3. Is it just your landscape mat?

  4. Did you write that material?

Hi thanks for the response!

I’m sorry, I mean when the materials has a low roughness so the materials very shiny and reflective.

  1. I copy the landscape and the lighting with the puddles onto a fresh level and the sparkle still occured.

  2. It happens to any materials that has roughness set to 0.

  3. Apprently it happens to all materials. not just landscape mat that has 0 roughness

  4. I assume it means I make the materials on my own? Yes with a huge help from tutorials, while I downloaded the puddles.

I provided the photo for the new level:

The funny thing is when the falloff turned off, the sparkle gone but of course it makes the puddles very unrealistic.

you can fix this on the “specular scale” an option of directional Light

can’t you simply modify the material’s specular?

I guess ur water is capturing the reflection of all the lights in ur scenes, try adding a sphere reflection capture to the radius of the puddle/ to whichever point you want your puddle to receive the reflection from, and place it to the puddle