A way to Hide Atmospheric Fog but keep light bake settings?

Hey U4 people!

I have a scene with a couple of assets on a turntable, lit and almost complete.

But I am not very keen on the atmospheric fog and prefer having a render without it and have a solid background color instead. (Such as the default black, in an empty scene)
When I bake the lighting when it’s hidden, the light changes in my scene. Is there a way to hide it, without the light setting changing and the fog is still affecting the lights?

Without it I get really harsh shadows, which is not what I’m aiming for with my current project.
I hope there is a way of doing this :slight_smile:

If my question/issue makes no sense either, let me know. I am not the best to explain things when it comes to unreal :slight_smile:

Any other hints or guides to render out turntables and making a cool presentation in U4 are welcome too!

Cheers :slight_smile:

Assuming you are using a skylight to capture the lighting from your atmosphere you could try this:

  • Add a skysphere that is slightly larger than your scene with a solid color material.
  • Disable shadow casting on the skysphere.
  • Set your fog start distance to something greater then the skysphere’s diameter.
  • Set your skylight’s capture distance to something greater than the skysphere’s radius. (Assuming it’s placed in the center of the sphere)
  • Bake your lights.

This will cause the atmosphere to be there to influence the lighting, but it won’t be visible as it is only rendered behind your skysphere.