A way to get occulus home out of my way?

I’m struggling for a while already with occulus home constantly popping up when doing dev work. There was one solution that involved adding admin right’s to the exe of occulus home

However when I do that and then press on “VR Preview” my oculus is completely black.

Any advice?

@schiho That “admin” trick doesn’t work anymore with the latest version of the Oculus software. Black screen is exactly what you get if you attempt it. This behavior is the result of a deliberate decision by Oculus to have their store/home more in front of the users, regardless of the pain this may cause to the business users and developers. Some people have created some workarounds, but none of them works in a stable manner. You can look them up on Reddit.

For your development work, you may want to use the Oculus Debug tool to activate/deactivate the proximity sensor and the mirror view to check out on the screen what the Oculus is displaying without having to wear it if you don’t have to.