A way to close door until room complete

What would the easiest way to implement a door locking system to my game until the room is complete? I would like to achieve this in C++ if that is possible. Not exactly sure where to start on this one. If any more detail is needed, please let me know.

Not sure what you mean by this? Do you mean that you’d like to release a game with a locked door to a room that doesn’t exist yet, and then release an update that contains the finished room?

Sorry my explanation was terrible, think of binding of isaac. you enter a room and you have to fight enemies before you can go to the next one.

Ah OK. In that case, there are many ways of doing this. It boils down to how you are provisioning enemies in the world. If you place them via blueprints, you will (probably) need a polling mechanism that unlocks the door when enemy count is zero (iterate over all actors of type), or if you have implemented an actor spawn factory / semaphore pattern then each of the enemies can let some global entity know that they are dead and the entity would know to unlock the door when all enemies are dead. It’s very possible I’m totally misinterpreting which area exactly you are looking for more details on, so please let me know if anything doesn’t make sense.

Could you give me a bit of insight on which blueprint nodes can come in handy with this? Im still kinda learning slowly.