A teleportation question?

At the moment my player is able to teleport to different locations in the game, however they are also able to move through/between walls and floors. Is there a way to stop this from happening? Also, I would like for the teleportation device to project a highlighted line and circle on the floor in the position that the player is pointing it to (like in the attachment). How could I go about doing this?

If you search the VR forums here there is a thread for a SteamVR template. That has the teleport/line/pad implementation in it that you can use as a basis. In terms of wall collision you have to set the correct collisions for your actor, or failing that you make an invisible blocking volume that will stop you teleporting through walls

Thanks for your reply! I had not looked into that thread yet prior to posting the question. Will keep my eyes on it :slight_smile: