A strange problem, about texture and material

please look these screenshots



Problem is in Material Editor and Game Editor


same texture file in Unity3D, work fine.

anybody can tell me, how to fix it?

thank you

I forgot the fbx file and tex file

here:Down.zip (23.1 KB)

and UE4 version: 4.10.4

Did you by any chance make that texture in photoshop? It has the nasty tendency to put garbage in png’s when pixels have a alpha value of 0.

The difference between the texture viewer and unity and the material editor is that the first two display the color multiplied by the alpha, while you are not doing that in your material.

Simply add a multiply node and connect the RGB and alpha channels to it and connect that to your emissive slot to get the result you are looking for.

I believe is because the transparency of the PNG, this is your image in photoshop:

¿Solution? Save the image without transparency or add a black layer under the image or what Arnage said.

solution is JPG with black layer.
Transparency will go away then definitly.

oh…! thank you, all of you.

I think, I need chek the generation code.