A reflection of a transparent object doesn't render as transparent

Hi I’m pretty close to where I want to be with these Lumen rendered images. However I noticed that in some of the shots the reflection in the mirror of the shower screen which is transparent is displaying as opaque and only rendering the reflection of that glass object, not it’s transparency.

I’m using raytraced reflections in my post process to achieve the look. I’ve tried rendering with Lumen reflections however it lets me down in other ways (notably the reflection of reflective objects display as black & DOF seems to not work in thoes reflections as well, plus some "scratching artefacts on the tiled shelf) (unsure how to fix that either) so I guess does anyone have a suggestion for both? attached previews -

These are the raytraced reflections with Lumen - note the opaque shower door inthe mirrors reflections

These are the Lumen reflections - please note i changed the tile material so there’s a visual difference in that sense. note the fully black radiator which should be chrome in the mirror reflections plus the weird diagonal lines showing in the mirror of the shelf.

Ok so user error. because it was a old project i had originally switched the raytraced reflections off on all the lights - so switched them on and all fixed. So raytraced reflections still the way to go - altho 5.3 looks like it fixes it for lumen version as well so can’t wait for that!

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