A Quick Update on 4.7

Hey everyone, A quick update on 4.7!

The team here at Epic is heads down burning through the TODOs for the release of 4.7 :cool: As we further hone in on our focus for the build, we’re planning to spend extra attention toward polish and the new items coming in. With this, the development cycle for 4.7 will be just a few weeks longer than earlier iterations. The goal here is to spend the extra time to focus on the integrity of the new and updated features, find and fix more issues, and deliver to quality. We plan to carry on with our Preview build process, releasing a new one each week, so make sure to watch out for those!

Thanks for hanging in there with us, and happy development!

Awesome, thanks for the update. The new approach makes a lot of sense and can’t wait to see the results!

Take as much time as you guys need to get this release to be the best that it can be. Very much looking forward to it, but if delays mean better quality then I’m fine with that. =)

Thanks…i will waiting this UE4.7 release and i will reactive again my account…more power to UE4…:slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up. Any way that we could somehow get the working Gear VR integration along with a preview build? That would be fantastic. Playing all this Unity stuff while not having your own UE4 experiences is a bit frustrating.

Take your time. As long as it is relatively bug free and Stuff I am happy. :slight_smile:

There is a 4.7 branch on Github, is it possible to correlate the Launcher Previews with points on this branch?

Big thumbs up from me… 4.6 was pretty crashy so more time to ensure future releases are stable is greatly appreciated.

Good things need their time you know. Better than rushing something out for no real reason!

In the end the extra effort will be beneficial for everyone and will lay a much better foundation for new features in upcoming releases. :smiley:

Besides via Github and the before mentioned preview releases the community is kept in the loop. So no problem on taking a few more weeks for some extra polishing.

Thanks for the update, and speaking of delays - I can’t add delay nodes in the standard macros anymore (it’s a ticket If this is a new limitation it’d be great to see these little details mentioned when the updates are rolled out (it wasn’t listed as far as I could see), if it’s a bug then I’m sure you guys are on it.

Thanks again!

Good decision, i have a feeling that 4.7 will be the best and most stable release :slight_smile:
Keep up the great work!

Very good decision and thanks for the update.

Polished is far more important than on time / early :slight_smile:

4.7 preview 1/2/3 have been great so far. Just want to check if we have the ability to roll back to a previous preview release should we need to?

Ditto. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Good, 4.6 has a metric ton of project breaking bugs. Had to stick with 4.5.1. Fingers crossed for 4.7.

As long as the fullscreen drag-drop Operation bug gets fixed I’m all good with it. Some exciting features you fine folks have been working on :slight_smile:

Yeah. At one stage Apple focused on making OSX more stable, and one of their releases was basically a super polished version of the last one.

Everyone respects that and appreciates it. Bugs suck, and it’s very feature complete. (except for LPV), is there any word on when OSX will be able to do LPV?

I’ll keep submitting my piles of crash reports in hopes you can chase them all down before 4.7 is done! :smiley:

I’m fine with waiting longer to ensure it’s more stable. Thank you, Epic!