A question on rendering low-resolution textures

Hello! I have a question about a very simple concept that I want to implement, and I want to check and make sure that there isn’t an easier way to do this that may have already been implemented in the engine.

I wanted to have text written on walls for the purpose of conveying information to the player. These messages would be predetermined before the gamer began, and don’t need to change during the course of the game.

I plan on having them be low-resolution and pixelated in look. However, I expect that when I import it, that pixels will be smoothed from 1 pixel to the next; E.G., a black and white pixel next to one another will blend their colors together.

Is there any way to turn off this smoothing on textures? Or a better way to portray pixel-fonts in the engine?

Go into the Texture Asset editor and change the Filter from “From TextureGroup” to “Nearest”

Thank you so much for your reply! As expected, this worked.

good to know. thank you!