A Question about spawn volumes

what’s the proper size for a dino spawn volume?

i followed a tutorial on here to make dinos and it worked for a while, now it doesn’t spawn at all.
I’m wondering if its cause the landscape has changed around the volume.

the volume is above the ground as is the spawn trigger.
everything is attached as it should be as well.

so is there a perfect size for this to work? or is my issue something I may be missing?

Do you have the “Editor Enable NPCSpawners” setting in your maps world settings ticked? I think it is off by default.

got them working again using AngryToilets advice. its very picky it seems like though.
can you rotate the volumes so they are angled for like…mountainside spawning?

The spawn box, can be altered as you see fit, you can also place them as a hexagon if you so please

^true … to a certain point
can you make them the size of your map? Nope, you cant. Can you make them … super tall? yes, some. depends what your putting in there lol …
Quetz spawns can be massive, “generic” cant be the same size … i dont know why, its just, weird.

They can, but it wont have the effect you hope it will, even if you make 1 cover the entire map they will only in a small area, not spread out evenly, which is why we use smaller more controlled boxes, I have about 4000 of them on my map and thats like 50% cover

Uzumi…you are the person I need to speak to about this.
so I should put multiple smaller boxes…like 2k x 2k x2k?

do the boxes all have to be the same sizes…can they be different.

and how the hell so I spawn Argys?

also also…meh…I’ll open up another ticket…I have questions about height maps and things like the volcano in the main game and the stonehendge area in the main game

  1. You can use as many boxes as you want to cover what needs covered
  2. They can all be different sizes
  3. Argents are “Mountain” spawns

Uzumi…how do I make those structures like you did…the arches of rock on the beach and stuff…I really wanna have those.


unless your talking about the ruins then its all the standard ARK rock assets


This comes in the kit? where is it boss?

Honest Uzumi I have a ton of questions for you…LOL

Just tune into my stream from time to time, i’m sure you’l learn a thing or two

When is the stream and where?

Streaming here whenever I work on my map http://www.twitch.tv/uzumi/

hopefully I can catch you…the game goes black whenever I look up a certain height or at the ocean (tip of the island looking out) but if I look down or at certain angles…I can see everything in the world fine.
I also noticed that this started to happen at exactly the same time the temperature in game was being displayed on the top left.

Its odd…the temp was never showing when I was testing the game not 24 hours ago…

this is the exact thing that happens to me when i hide the ocean :slight_smile:

wait so you get the black screen if you hide the ocean? mine is just here…I can walk around and see the island only if I look down at a certain angle…i’m getting really angry.

From inside the editor or after its cooked?
I find that the editor is a TERRIBLE place to test any lighting stuff.
Did you recapture all your reflections and everything with the dynamiccapture?

inside the editor…I can’t get it to install after its cooked…its been installing on steam for over a day.
my thought is I needed to break up the foliage with sublevels…but this is ALSO very confusing to me as everything on here that I find on it…people are talking like I should already know whats up.

this has been VERY frustrating for lack of help, documentation and stability on the editor. I was hoping there was going to be more documentation at least but it seems studio wildcard just never bothered to spend any time on the tools documentation.
which is a shame.