A question about indirect lighting in the ArchViz project.

Hello all. I am trying to reverse engineer the new content project, Architectural Visualisation project. I don’t understand how the four spotlights lights the all interior. Because, I have replaced them with identical, equal on every configuration, spotlights. Everything same, but they cannot light the scene like the original ones. I don’t understand why and I also understand how these indirect lighting works. In documentation they put it really simple but when I put it in the practice, I cannot get the same results as the docs.

Here is the original scene lighting:

And this scene is being lit by my spotlight. All configurations are same as the original.

I mean, why? The level has got an lightmass importance volume and everything. My spotlights has the same configurations as the original ones. Here is one of them:

Don’t use static spotlights, set them to stationary for starters. Static is really low quality, stationary has dynamic direct lighting and baked indirect.

That setup is super outdated since there was no skylight in Unreal when it was made. I would recommend to not use it to learn from, but that’s just my opinion!

To shamelessly selfadvertize myself^^… click the link in my signature and check session 3 on my YouTube channel…it’s a session focused on architectural lighting with lightmass :wink: