a program to run "on top" of others? (tutorial /avatar) or virtual 360° camera

Hi all.

Is it possible and if so, how difficult is it to have a small software sitting on top of other software. What I need for my masters thesis is some kind of tutorial or guiding avatar that communicates with the user and which is prerecorded. In other words, I use vr program A, B or C and my actions (headset (HTC Vive) and controllers) get recorded. Later the user should be able to use the same programs A, B or C and get guided / instructions by “me”. The user should also be able to participate in the programs of course.

I need certain different underlying software so it would be nice if it would run with any software. Or would it be necessary to adjust it to every underlying software?

If such a thing is possible, could anybody point me in a direction on how to achieve this?

Another workaround that I have in mind would be a virtual 360°camera in a vr program, so either the user (HMD and controllers) or at least the users point of view gets recorded and then can be viewed in VR / as a 360° video afterwards?

Thanks a lot