A Problem about a Landscape Material

Hello everyone!

I have been trying to do some automatic landscape texturing, by using this author’s tutorial;

Thanks to him all is going good so far. But I got a large problem.

Let me show you my material setup first;


And here is what I have achieved;


Now as you probably see, the transition from snow to rock is the main problem. It is -way- too smooth. What I want to achieve is this, which I can do with blendlayering and doing the painting myself;


The problem is, I am really new at material system and I have no idea where to use my heightmaps for the textures. No matter what I tried, the smoothness is always there.

Thank you for your time and reading! :slight_smile:

Try increasing your landscape’s poly/segment count. The setting it’s at now doesn’t give it enough data to create a nice border between the landscapes. You can’t get a nice slope going with only 3 polygons.

Thank you for your response friend. I will give it a try. =)

Or tesselate it with the material ?

tessellation on landscape does not work, it causes bizarre and unintended scenarios. What you could do is to use a world aligned blend in your lerps alpha to set the contrast between layers.