A mess of blueprints, custom movement components, scripting and others.

I have already posted the issue with a bit of discussion on reddit (, and someone recommended posting it on here. Any help would be appreciated.

So, you created your own character from a Pawn and the Movement Component you using it’s not the UE4 character’s “Movement Component”.
Where and how did you get the “Max Acceleration” node? Does this custom “Movement Component” have at least a “Max acceleration” variable?

You are using a CustomMovement component on your Pawn and apparently this Movement doesn’t have a MaxAcceleration built in, that’s why you can’t set. Also, reading your post on reddit, looks like the movement component you’re using is from a plugin, and if the github link provided is the correct one, there’s a DoSprint() and DoStopSprint() already there and also a SpeedBoostMultiplier property.

Good Luck

Well, I did use non-context sensitive for it. Whoops. But yes, this custom movement has an acceleration variable in the movement component, It just does not have any nodes for it. I also tried the speed boost multiplier, and the images below happened. Thanks :slight_smile:

You should look at colqui action platformer. There is a speed curve, and sprint max speed in there somewhere. its free

@thadkinsjr Looks cool. The problem is that I am using the custom gravity plugin to be able to run through half pipes/loops, and i’m not too sure they are compatible.