A Linux version of unreal enginge and epic launcher would be prefereable to windows 10 version

To cut a long story short. I purchased a new desktop PC with a high end CPU and graphics card with one main intention of seeing if some concepts I have come up with can be utilised in UE4.
(Stage one completed with success and I am about to progress to stage 2 of my assessment) Being the latest hardware, windows 10 was the only windows version I can use as windows 7 is not supported by the newer CPU systems. Now almost two months later, I have come to the conclusion that windows 10 is affecting my ability and productivity (Keyboard and mouse stuttering or not working and other issues ) in not only using UE4, but all applications such that I want to abandon windows 10 and switch to Ubuntu linux, and continue using UE4 on Linux.

Even though I have seen on youtube that UE4 can be compiled and run on Ubuntu Linux, the process is tedious, and from various sources there are issues or problems that can arise and are not present in the windows version that can effect usage and productivity in using UE4 on Linux. I am thus hesitant, and thus not seeing as being able therefore to use UE4 in Linux as I do not want to waste time fixing up, finding workarounds or finding features not available on the Windows version.

I thus wish to express that if Epic were to put an effort into creating UE4 editor and the epic games launcher (as binaries without the need to compile code) to operate in Linux as it does in windows, there is a potential that a large number of windows UE4 users to move to Linux, not just myself

And given some announcements I have read and seen on youtube made by the CEO Tim Sweeney of his criticism of windows 10, this might be a path to follow to hit out at Microsoft, especially if more Linux based games and UE4 derivatives displace or disrupt Microsofts windows 10 usage.

Hope this is useful as some kind of feedback and not inappropriate for this forum.
All the best.

@IDominioNI The process isnt tedious. I have UE4 on linux. I’ve built to Arch, Redhat, and debian mint. It runs differently than windows.
Some shaders have some issues, but the known issues on the install doc’s solve them.
One issue is some plug ins dont work, and crash my editor. Ton’s of people criticize win10. I dislike it soooo much. Not as much as win8 which was death.
A lot of the software companies dont seem to care to support Linux. Though they heavily build there websites, and their servers with it.
Some have been pushing out more products, but they are hesitant because so many softwares rely on some other sdk’s.
The gpu drivers seem to be more of an issue than ue4. The only issues ive had were small.
using sudo apt-get remove unreal-engine
and then reinstalling solved it. Once you get a clean boot of your gpu drivers your good. I monitor mine with a conky script.
Blender runs way more efficiently on linux. This year I plan to try to get more into MODO, and possibly buy the Linux perp License.
We’re slowly getting everything moving more towards linux with flatpak, and app images.
We have Substance painter, modo, 3dcoats, bastioni, makehuman, Krita, Gimp, and Autodesk is starting to send more towards the redhat distro Thanks to Pixar.
Lmms is a monster for audio.
I don’t want to use windows. I dont like it. As a matter of fact. I freakin hate it. I’m down to only using maya, and ipisoft for animations, and I will kill autodesk off this year.
Not based on price, but on not using windows.
Linux is quiet, and it bothers me far less. The time I spend finding a fix, or work around is more 10 XXXX more efficient than the Not respondings, Task manager whack a mole game, alarms, scans, and notifications that windows keeps pushing. Let alone clicking on the windows bar to find out candy crush was loaded, groove, facebook, twitter, photos, maps, and skype. You can delete them, but if windows updates they all come back. Win 10 comes with forced advertisements. Just click the windows Icon on the bottom left, and ask yourself when an OS started adverts in the program location…
Not to mention forceware.Cortana, 3dpainter, windefense etc. If im compiling shader, or building lighting, and windows starts a maintenance schedule my editor will crash sometimes.
Also windows is pagefiling, and autsaving, all maintenance tasks are reducing ssd lifecycles heavily. Especially for 3d graphics content creators.
If I shut something off in linux it’s off. They say windows is making better use of ram, but if there are 500 processes running that cant stop. It’s a lie.
Linux runs 4% of my ram no load, and win10 is at 8%. Ue4 project launched. Is 20%Linux, and 30% Win10.
My gpu runs hotter on linux than windows. So get an extra hard drive, and dualboot.

MS could have stuck with shipping Windows OS and peddling Office and lived comfortably forever.
But they had to add personal-info-slurp / privacy-intrusion at OS level, that the user must still pay for.
Pay to be slurped, WTF? Users accept that on Facebook / Google because their services are free.
Surprised there hasn’t been a huge revolt against Win-10. Its coming in the EU maybe with GDPR?

In some regions Dell etc offers Linux, but most vendors still don’t. That means missing out on deals.
No wonder PC sales are plummeting for the nth year running etc. Wakey wakey PC vendors, hello?

What can you do? Nursemaid Windows7 rigs till 2020 then use Windows-10 air-gapped maybe etc.
Thankfully UE4 appears to let you do this, you can just copy binary engine folders between machines.
At least everything works right except MS.Net packaging / builds, which may still require a download…
Mint works for everything else! Still hopeful MS are forced into Xbox-180 u-turn, but it seems too late. :frowning:

@franktech By 2020 I hope most software is available to Linux. It’s been 20 years, and everyone thought Linux would die around the millennium.
The biggest issue with software devs is Linux piracy, and hacks. I don’t mind paying people a fair wage for their work. If it’s honest work, and an honest price.
Not everything in the Linux world has to be free. A lot of Linux based open source companies own high rise towers. Just ask Epic employees what that red billboard on top of that building is with the shadow guy thats wearing the hat. That free company does 2-5 billion a year.
I respect microsoft for their tech, advancement, and ease of access. That makes it easy for non tech people to be users, and enables a lot of people.
It’s gotten easier to build to linux. It’s gotten easier to install. flatpaks, and app images. We dont have audio glitches, and flash player crashes anymore.I like my boring quiet workstation.
I like control of my environment. I do not like being bothered by pushes, dings beeps, scans, adverts, and notifications.
If mac opens up the operating system to all x86. It would almost kill linux, but it would cut msft’s legs off.
Really though. Any software that requires any type of key is easily worked around in Linux. Whether it’s worth cracking. Now open source has gotten good working packages.

Don’t see how that is supposed to be any different from other systems. It’s still the same software.

Guys, we could we stop yet another discussion over “Windows is a trash, my keyboard doesn’t work for some reason, let’s talk about Linux again”? :slight_smile:

Yes, it would be great to see a full Linux support. Why there’s no launcher for Linux? Dunno.
Maybe Epic decided that fixing lot of editor issues. And they’re doing it, for Mac and Linux. See bugs fixed for 4.19.

If the engine’s website says “hey, we support Linux” without “experimental” label, there should be flatpak support and launcher for Linux. Period.
Seriously, what’s the point of yet another “OS wars” episodes in Engine Feedback section?

I’m not sure what’s taking it so long to get the launcher for Linux, but if you’re having keyboard issues with Windows in general maybe it’s not a Windows issue, I work just fine in Windows 10 without any issues like that.

Same here. No idea why anyone would use linux on purpose. No vs… no visual assist…

LOL, didn’t have anything to laugh for a while, but reading that made me really laugh. Thx.

You must have been away for a while, as that comment is from 2017 :smiley:

Even if the comment would be from 2001, its just LOL. :smiley: