A Landscape Material that allows you to use multiple Materials

Is it possible to set up a material to use other material instances within it to layer a landscape. For example:

I REALLY love the things that come with the Kite Demo Package that released today and I would like to use them. I am using a splat map to texture my terrain with 3 different textures. I would like to use multiple materials from the kite demo wit the splat map. Possible? Can someone point me in the right direction?

Follow this guide: Landscape Materials | Unreal Engine Documentation

I would do exactly as they did, but use a texture parameter for the textures instead. Once you have the material as you’d like to to be, make an instance of it, and plug in your textures to the texture parameter so the material itself is modular, and you can swap things in/out as needed to achieve the look you’re going for.

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But that’s only using different textures in the landscape materials, not entirely different materials, right? I would also like to use for example the nice displaced and/or tessellated materials from the kite demo inside of my landscape materials and I have no idea how…

John… I have a similar problem. do you know how to do it now ?
in my case I created some Substances and I wanted them to paint with Landscape Material in UE4. I watched some tutorials but i always stuck at the point with Target Layers. Im not sure if i´m doing something wrong… actually i hope so
However… everytime I create a new Material with just 5 different diffuse textures and try them to blend with Landscape Layer Blend… it doesnt let me have more then 3 paint layers in my target layer section… even when i plugged in 4 layer inputs.

So i could basically combine different materials with each 3 target layer… am i right ? if that is possible…



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To use more then 3 texture sets you have to switch the MipValueMode of the texture samples to shared wrap